Important Tracking Metrics in any SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization tracking is essential for assessing the success of your website. After all, if you are going to invest money and time on an SEO campaign, you want to be certain that it is worth the results. But, have you ever attempted to measure your results? If not, you must be wondering what SEO tracking is.

Well, search engine optimization tracking is exactly as it sounds. It’s a process that involves determining which metrics are vital for your business and then monitoring them on a regular basis in order to track your progress. The trick to gaining valuable insight from this process is choosing the right metrics which we are going to discuss in this post.

Organic Traffic

This is perhaps the most important metric of all when it comes to measuring the results of your SEO campaign. That’s because it shows the number of visitors that your website has attracted solely from organic search. Yes, the overall traffic numbers lend an idea of your website’s overall performance, but organic traffic narrows things down on how your SEO is directly impacting traffic generation.

After all, the primary goal of your SEO campaign is to improve your visibility for the keywords related to your niche. You can easily get this information in Google Analytics (for more information, see Searchical SEO services).

Keyword Rankings

This is another relatively straightforward metric. As you put in the effort to improve the rankings of the keywords that are vital to your business, it makes sense that you would want to monitor how your rankings for these phrases change with time. For most of your primary keywords, you can choose to do this manually by simply doing a Google search for them. However, you can get more comprehensive results with tools like SEMrush. Such a tool gives you an overview of all the keywords that your website ranks for and the positions it ranks. Going through this report regularly is a great way to monitor changes over time and know how your search visibility is progressing.

Click Through Rate or CTR

CTR is a metric that shows the percentage of people who visit your website after seeing one of your pages in the search engine results pages. This happens to be one of the best metrics on how effective your pages are at grabbing the attention of users on Google and other search engines. As such, it is ideally a solid indicator of your website’s meta descriptions and title tags quality. After all, these are the elements that appear when one of your pages show up in the search results and what people use to determine whether or not they want to visit that page.

Bounce Rate

When a person lands on a page on your website and then leaves without proceeding to another section, this is known as a bounce. As such, the percentage of individuals who do this is known as your bounce rate.

This is an excellent metric that shows whether the content on your website is in line with what visitors expect when they click on one of your pages from search results. If a huge percentage of people leave your website and pick another page, then it shows they are not getting what they need or expect from that page. However, if it remains low, then your pages are effective in providing what people want.